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Good Photography Isn’t Cheap and Cheap Photography Isn’t Good


Professional photographers that have been around the block a time or two value their time and skills which is why they have higher prices. They have built a clientele base that sees the value in their work. Not only do photographers charge based on equipment, taxes and other overhead expenses, but they charge for the experience they give you as the client. They provide a smooth experience filled with laughter, confidence and connectedness. They know what raw emotion looks like and they know how to create it.

I want to provide you with images that pull at your heart strings and bring out some sort of emotion when you look at them. Sure, I can sit everyone down in a proper pose and tell you to look at me and say cheese, but so can your Aunt Pat with her camera phone. Hiring a professional photographer to capture small intimate moments between you and your loved ones is priceless and timeless. It is an investment that you have to be willing to make. 

Source: Melissa Jane

A photograph is more than by pushing a button on a camera.