"Devoted to create with GREATNESS AND PASSION." - Alphinx

I believe you don’t need an expensive camera or any expensive sh*t to start working on what you love. Just start with an idea and innovate. From there, progress starts. It’s better than nothing.
— Alphine
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Welcome to my very own digital palace. Here I share my personal projects, collaborations with fellow artists, and my passion for art; photography.



Alphine "Icy" was born and raised in the Philippines. At 17, on the Fall of 2013, she left home. She flew by herself and moved to LA with her big dreams and a camera in hand, without knowing what lies ahead of her nor her future. It was certainly a mystery yet the beginning of a new life-changing adventure.

She resides in SoCal yet she frequently goes on adventures to national parks, take road trips out of state or book a train/plain ticket to explore. Her biggest adventure is to live in a huge city, where dreams are made of and opportunities are everywhere.

She embraces the grind life. She loves collaborations with fellow artists, and meet passion-driven individuals. She enjoys going to bookstores, coffee shops, going out with nature and trips to Disneyland. She loves adventures; late-night cruising around the city, last minute sunset trips in the mountains and documenting life. 



Alphinarocks was founded by a 16 year-old version of her. She's been taking photographs ever since she stumbled upon her mother's kodak film camera at the age of 5. Fast forward to high school, she earned her first laptop. She enjoys using its webcam to develop her envisions to life which was aiming editorial photo shoots, being herself as a model and her own stylist. Until she earned her first point and shoot Samsung camera, she couldn't stop taking photos so she continued to document wherever she goes. She learned to film and direct her first music video using her father's video camera at 14. At 16, she graduated high school and that's when she earned her first professional camera, a Nikon D3100 and it's been her partner in crime ever since.


You don’t have to worry about you or anything. I got you. Just come through and I will make you a fvckin’ model.
— Alphine

Photographs are like time capsules. To me it means time-traveling. It takes you to the past. Whether it's just a few seconds ago or 10 years ago; at that particular moment which you've shared it with your loved ones or with strangers. I find it fascinating because it's as if you captured a millisecond like you literally can stop time and gravity then turning them into a piece of memory. It speaks to you and you automatically respond by letting out an emotion and during that moment, you'll realize something. Photographs remind you how time can be wasted, how a moment can be cherished, how an experience can be treasured and how candid expressions are priceless. It connects you to that moment and it's okay to feel a little emotional, it's okay to give a little laugh and share it with the people you love.

Photography is my blood. I can't live without it.  


She's a spontaneous gal and so does her ideas. Whenever she shoots, she makes sure her clients, models/friends are comfortable and she lets them be themselves. She believes in being carefree as a hummingbird grants the flow of the shoot to be remarkable. She believes that every human has a unique personality and she aims to see that in the photographs she makes.

She does her best to deliver the best images for her clients and she believes that working together is creating art and priceless memories. 




A collaboration starts with a conversation. 


Let's create art together!

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