2x Meet Up

Today was my 2nd time to be at a photography meet up event, held at Santa Monica. My friend, Av, hosted the event and what really sucks was that I was cameraless or should I say, I didn't have my camera with me because I left it at my office. Shit happens so I decided to use my iPhone and fortunately I got some pretty good shots. 
Anyway, today was fantastic! I totally had a blast meeting new people and being in a "photography" crowd. Before the event, I went to Santa Monica Place and wandered around there. I stumbled upon Hot Topic, which is my fvckin favorite shop,  and I realized I have two hot cash coupons worth $30 with me.
So I used both and ended up buying a 5SOS tank top, a Misfit skull rose graphic tank top, and accessories. *plays worth it by fifth harmony* 


My colleagues took me to Langer's Deli to celebrate my 19th birthday. The food they serve there is worth every penny you pay. I had a delightful lunch and I enjoyed every second of it. 


This week is our finals week. (I know I should be on my work space) Today I went to Barnes & Nobles to buy a notebook (photo above). I chose this notebook because of the color and the paper. The color is my favorite and the paper is nepalese, made from the bark of Lokta Plant and because of its superior strength, durability and rich texture. This natural product is 100% Handmade. Overall, it's so pretty! I love it! 
Also, I'm going to use it for an upcoming course.

I will be taking Product Management at General Assembly. To say I am excited is an understatement. The school is at Santa Monica. That means, it'a new environment for me to roam around, meet new people, make new memories and more stories to tell. Right?

The course is only 10 weeks and it's a part time study, so that means I still have time to work and learn. Best of both worlds I guess? 

I did some research about product management and did some advance study regarding to it and related to it. Basically, business. Hopefully my investments, which are effort, money and time will be all be worth it at the end. Anyway, wish me luck! 

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