A Moment with Miss Toni ko...

And The Three Inspirational Women Who Have Somehow Changed My Path To My Dreams

So, I had a one-on-one interview with the former CEO and founder of one of the elite cosmetic lines, NYX Cosmetics and that is, no other than, Miss Toni ko.

I had a great time with her. She was so humble and we talked about her story of how she found nyx cosmetics and the lessons she learned along the journey. 
After the short interview, we shared opinions and thoughts about success, failure, chasing dreams, accepting challenges, facing obstacles, and pretty much about life, and I felt like I've known her for so long even if it took less than an hour. 
Her bubbly side was radiating and how she looks so young that Kris Jenner would be jealous. 

*I accidentally deleted our recorded interview BUT I found a way to get them back and I will update this post as soon as I have it.*

I went nuts when she replied to my post on Instagram.


Hello there, fellow blogger! As you can see, I've been inactive for about two months and I am quite disappointed in myself about it. Although, I have my reasons. I don't mind sharing them here since I'm feeling a lot better now. The reasons were that I've been so stressed and depressed. I think we all go through a phase where life throws big ass rocks at us and it's up to us how we handle them. Unfortunately, I lost myself that I couldn't even tell if I'm still alive or not and my motivation for pretty much everything was somewhere in another galaxy. I realized that too much thoughts can kill you so I decided to stop it myself. I tried getting myself out of my bubble, sometimes it's pretty dangerous when you let yourself sink in too much in you own comfort zone that you couldn't do your own shit that used to bring you joy. Two months even felt like two years to me. Most of my days were unproductive and some are eventful. Man, the journey was a wild roller coaster. 

So back to the present, I am better and happy. I'm not going to promise anything to post from now on, I'm just going to post and post at anytime and no matter how random my post is gonna be, I'm still gonna blog about it. Just what Nike's saying goes " Just do it" or Icona Pop's "I don't care, I love it". 



I've just the read the most inspiring and beautiful ebook ever. I want you to read it. 
It's a spread-worthy book. It's boosted my optimistic tube meter, I found it accidentally around the world wide web.
I'm glad I have a knack of finding oddly awesome things around here.
The author is Rachel Macdonald from In Spaces Between. I bet you'll love her! 
These are some photos I took yesterday while the folks were preparing barbecue for our supper. 
The weather nowadays is pretty chilly. Summer is almost over. 
They say July is the Saturday, while August is the Sunday and the Septermber is Monday. 
Pretty accurate huh?
Scroll down to see what I have for you! 
I attached a link where it takes you to download the ebook, I mean the PDF. 


I still can't believe it's already August! Time flies so freakin' fast! My third term is finally over and next week would be my fourth term of college. New courses, new homework, new instructors, a long  checklist, etc. Two more terms to go and then I will be marching my way on that red carpet as one of fresh graduates of 2015. *happy dance*

August is my ultimate nemesis. Why? Because it acts as my best friend then by a split turn of events it acts as my enemy. I notice that I get lucky every august or if not I get super side sweep by bad luck. I remember when I was 12, it was August when I got a call from Total Girl Magazine for earning a spot of the "reveal your ultimate secret" contest; It was for the October issue. I was surprised and shocked at the same time that I was one of the chosen girls who gets an interview and a photoshoot for it. Unfortunately, I didn't go..I mean I couldn't go because the time and date of the interview was also the same as our exams and I was freakin' stupid for not spilling it to my mom ahead. I thought she wouldn't let me because it would conflict on my studies. I told her after I cancelled my position and guess what? She totally said yes without argument and she was so eager to support and provide the necessities prior to my trip to manila for my interview. FML. I mentally slapped myself. I freakin' missed the opportunity! I blew it and I was very disappointed at myself. But hey! Everything happens for a reason. By the month of March, they posted my birthdate in their march calendar. My friend showed it to me before I gotten to buy myself one. I was glad even though it was only my name that appeared there, it's better than nothing. Right?