The Man behind PANDA EXPRESS

It felt like this day is such a blessing in disguise. I thought that I'd be only working on some new projects and new tasks, but there was actually more than that! I got to meet the creator of Panda Express! Andrew Cherng himself! Dr. Sabrina Kay happened to invite him to talk about his early life, his life lessons and more about panda express. The interview was located at my school, Fremont College Los Angeles Campus. (if you're wondering)

Andrew is a man full of wisdom. Dr. Kay said it and I couldn't agree more. Even though I spent an hour standing, typing notes on my iPhone, preparing questions for him and listening attentively. It was all worth it! Why? It's because I got learning gems about business, and life from his perspective.



I've been obsessing with Fifty Shades Soundtrack "Earned it" by The Weekend and Sophia's cover of "Crazy In Love", which was used in the Fifty Shades of Grey teaser.
 I can't believe the movie is coming out soon! I'm so excited!! I've listened to the audibook more than twice already.


My bestie ever since I upgraded to premium. Did you get their 3 months promo? It costs only 99 cents. It's brilliant! YOU SHOULD UPGRADE NOW! 
I stopped using itunes and 8tracks when spotify came to my life. I have it on my mac and on my phone and I use it everyday. 

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